What We Offer


Market Research

Through conducting interviews, surveys, and online reports, we provide our customers with critical insights on anything ranging from product design to industry recognition.


Commercial Diligence

We help clients gauge the commercial attractiveness of potential acquisitions and future ventures by analyzing the overall market and our client's competitive placing.

Product Development

We analyze clients' product offerings to create the optimal go-to-market strategy. This includes advising them on marketing, design, and other logistical processes.


Operational Evaluation

We offer consulting insights at the operational level by analyzing parts of the company where efficiency can be improved.

 Who We’ve Worked With

Our Work Samples

TC Member Writing.jpeg

Member Writing

Our members have contributed to a variety of reports throughout their time at UT, ranging from future valuation to company analysis.

TC Market Research Reports.jpg

Market Research Reports

All of Texas Consulting’s analysts write a market research report before becoming consultants. Topics range from FinTech to digital retail.